The idea of Ulinzi Conservation Coffee

Hi I am Steffen,


since I was young documentaries were one of my favorite things to watch and until today, following Sir David Attenborough on his adventures and learning about our world and wildlife is something I love to do!


At a point in time I wanted to get more involved than just sitting on my couch watching documentaries and donating to organizations during Christmas time. This is when a friend introduced me to Raabia Hawa. She is the founder of the Ulinzi Africa Foundation - East Africas first non-profit focusing on ranger welfare, facilitation and empowerment with an aim to enhance wildlife protection and conservation.

I am in contact with Raabia for about 3 years now, and from the beginning one of the biggest challenges for her was securing enough funding for her operations. Relying on donations bears a high uncertainty and risk - especially now as she is setting up her own ranger unit in Tana river delta.

During my participation in the Walk With Rangers in 2018 I started to think about how I can help more: 

  • How can I generate a sustainable source of funding that gives Raabia a certain planning security? 

  • What product can I sell that is linked to Kenya, Africa and/or the purpose of wildlife conservation? 

  • What is something people need, want or do on a daily base that I can link to Kenya/Africa and/or the purpose?

The answer was coffee!

  • Kenyan coffee is one of the best in the world!

  • Many people drink coffee on a regular base and it offers plenty of product options

  • Direct sourced, fair traded, organic coffee matches perfectly with the idea of wildlife conservation

Enjoying high quality coffee while protecting Africa's wildlife - The idea of Ulinzi Conservation Coffee was born.

From idea to concept to implementation is a long way and a lot of topics need to be taken care of. As my brother Tobias was already curious about my Africa trips I also shared my idea with him - he liked it so he joined the team.

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Thank you for your support & always remember:


A coffee a day keeps the poachers away!

Meet the Team


Founder of Ulinzi Africa Foundation


Honorary Warden of Kenya Wildlife Service

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Co-Founder of Ulinzi Conservation Coffee

IESE Business School Alumnus



Co-Founder of Ulinzi Conservation Coffee

IESE Business School MBA Graduate

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Funding ranger operations and reforestation through your love of coffee

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